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Use this link for the online game: https://www.spellzone.com/word_lists/games-370068.htm

Use this link to watch the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tp_iuG2uHY4

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How Clouds Make Rain

A cloud is where the rain comes from. A cloud is water in the air (water that we can see). When the weather is hot, water on the Earth becomes vapour (like the vapour coming out of a kettle when the water in it boils). This vapour rises in the air. Since up in the air it is colder, the vapour turns back into drops of water (ice). These drops of water in the air stick together and form clouds. When the clouds get full of water, the water falls back to the ground as rain.

Science Experiment: Making Rain

Materials needed:

  • Glass jar
  • Shaving foam
  • Water
  • Food Colouring


Before you start the experiment, explain to you child that:

  • Water is the air
  • The shaving foam is the cloud
  • The food colouring is the rain



Make predictions before the activity and talk about what is happening while you are doing the experiment with your child.

  • Half fill a jar or a glass with water.
  • Put some shaving foam on top of the water.
  • Finally with a pipette or teaspoon put some droplets of food colouring. 
    • Watch carefully as the droplets fall from the clouds (shaving foam) into the air (water) down below


    Click here to watch the video of this experiment.

    Ms. Charlene Farrugia KG1. 8

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An alphabet rainbow is used when teaching children the alphabet. It is a good visual aid, and helps children consolidate letter recognition and alphabet order.

Above is a picture of the alphabet rainbow we have in kindergarten classes. At school we say the letters of the alphabet every day.

Press on the link below and print the alphabet arc shown above.  Say the letter sounds while pointing to the letters. This will help reinforce letter recognition and alphabet sequence. Focus on vowels (the letters in red) and consonants (the letters in black).  Spend at least 10 min daily saying the alphabet.

alphabet rainbow

Magazine Letter Hunt and Sort Activity

This letter hunt and sort activity is a perfect activity for your children since it helps them develop scissor skills while consolidating letter recognition.

Choose the letter you will be hunting for, e.g. g.  Encourage your child to find the letter g from old books and magazines. Cut these letters and paste them on a handout.  Sort the higher case letters from the lower case letters

Ms Marita Cachia Kinder 2.3


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Helpful Resources

Dear Parents

You may find the links below useful.

Stay safe and take care

Miriam Micallef

Head of Department (Inclusion)

Corona Virus Social Story

Helping children to make choices

Resources for Children with Autism During COVID-19

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Uff Xi Dwejjaq!

Bħal-lezzjonijiet, l-Eżerċizzji tar-Randan ser inkunu qed nagħmluhom ftit differenti minn ta’ snin oħra. Segwu l-messaġġ tal-Arċipriet, Fr. Josef hawn taħt.  Wara agħmlu l-eżerċizzju li talabkom l-Arċipriet u tellgħu x-xogħol tagħkom f’dan il-link https://padlet.com/randolphperesso/qr14wwz092ce.
Messaġġ tal-Arċipriet:

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Parents whose children  will be starting Kindergarten at Siggiewi Primary in October 2020 are asked to print and fill in the application found below:
Ġenituri li għandhom tfal li se jidħlu fil-kindergarten f’Ottubru li ġej huma mitluba jipprintjaw u jimlew il-formoa li tinsab hawn taħt hawn 
If parents live at Siggiewi, they can fill the application, scan it and send it to sic.siggiewi.pr@ilearn.edu.mt together with a scan of both sides of parents ID cards.
Title your email : New KGintake October 2020.
You will be contacted in due time.
If assistance is needed we kindly ask you to wait until schools are reopened or for new instructions which will be issued later on.
Jekk il-ġenituri joqogħdu s-Siġġiewi, huma jistgħu jimlew l-applikazzjoni, u jibagħtuha (kopja scanned) fuq l-indirizz elettroniku sic.siggiewi.pr@ilearn.edu.mt flimkien ma’ kopja taż-żewġ naħat tal-karta tal-identita’ taż-żewġ ġenituri.
L-ittra elettronika semmuha : New KGintake October 2020 
L-iskola imbagħad tagħmel kuntatt magħkom aktar ‘il quddiem.
Jekk għandkom bżonn tal-għajnuna biex tagħmlu dan, intom mitluba tistennew sakemm terġa’ tiftaħ l-iskola jew sakemm jinħarġu struzzjonijiet ġodda.
With regards to the out of locality requests (parents not residing at Siggiewi), the parents or legal guardians are kindly requested to take the  application together with all the relative documentations to the prinicipal’s office in Qormi in June.  Please note that the document/s supporting the request must be dated in June. Should any parents or legal guardian require any further information about out of locality registrations, they may contact the principal’s office by phone on: 25987508/9 or by email on stignatius.college@ilearn.edu.mt
Jekk il-ġenituri ma joqogħdux is-Siġġiewi, huma għandhom jieħdu l-applikazzjoni flimkien ma’ dokumenti oħra neċessarji fl-uffiċċju tal-prinċipal f’Ħal Qormi f’Ġunju. Id-dokumenti preżentati għandhom ukoll ikunu datati f’Ġunju. Għal aktar informazzjoni dwar reġistrazzjonijiet li huma barra mil-lokalita tas-Siġġiewi, tistgħu tikkuntattjaw l-uffiċċju tal-prinċipal fuq 25987508/9 jew b’email fuq stignatius.college@ilearn.edu.mt
Thank you / Grazzi

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SpLD Skype Support

SpLD Service is determined to continue supporting students, parents and educators throughout the duration of school closure because of COVID-19. During these challenging times SpLD Service will be extending its online services via Skype.

Parents of children with dyslexia are invited to contact a dyslexia specialist teacher for an online consultation to discuss and address specific concerns. Parents and students can request practical advice on how to extend learning at home.

Additionally, educators wishing to avail themselves from this service particularly in relation to dyslexia friendly measures are encouraged to also contact us.

This service will be available on Skype during regular school hours from Monday – Friday between 8:30 – 12:30 and 13:00 – 14:30. Kindly contact SpLD Service Malta on Skype as per attached schedule:

Should you would like to contact SpLD Service through Skype, you can install Skype by clicking on the following link: https://www.skype.com/en/get-skype/.

Please forward an email to spldservice.mede@gov.mt or call on 21234965 should you require further clarification or support.

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