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Music Montage Workshop

SOS Malta would like to invite young people aged approximately 7-13 years to participate in our Music Montage Workshop Series- a programme focusing on the awareness and development of music through cultural diversity and social integration. The aim of the workshop series will be to bring together young people of different nationalities, including Maltese, and celebrate the cultural diversity across Malta and Gozo while engaging in a variety of music and singing activities. The activities will enable the participants to experience music from different cultures and nationalities and will offer opportunity to share, learn and enjoy music in a vibrant environment. The participants need not have a musical background and the sessions are therefore open to anyone who enjoys music or would like to try something different. This is definitely an opportunity not to be missed and we encourage all educational institutions and parents to spread the word to get children and young people involved.

More details regarding the project can be viewed in the poster.

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Għal iżjed informazzjoni agħfas hawn.

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Sale of uniforms at Siggiewi Primary is on Thursday 6th August from 9am till 1.30pm.

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