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One of the school’s strategic plans for the year 2014-2015 is ‘Raising the Bar in Numeracy’. It is for this reason that among other initiatives, the school has invested in the famous SuperTmatik cards.

SuperTmatik are playing cards with different mathematical calculations that help children improve their mental math. These cards have been introduced to year groups 3, 4, 5 and 6. They are used in classrooms and consist of addition, subtraction, multiplying and dividing calculations. Children play in pairs and 24 packs have been bought to ensure that all the children in one or two classes can play at the same time.

The year 5 classes have had a more thorough experience of these cards, both during the Maths club held during break time and in their respective classes. During the past weeks, a championship in each of the 3 classes was held. A winner and runner up from each class were selected and another intra-class championship was held. Two finalists, Mason Grech and Nicolai Vella, were selected for the Grand Final. These 2 students took part in an International Grand Online Final on the 29th of April 2015. Both students did well and Mason Grech has honoured the school by placing 7th in his category. Well Done!

Maria Ciappara

Siggiewi Primary Numeracy Link Teacher

super t

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Għeżież ġenituri

nixtieq nitlob lil min għadu ma rrispondiex il-kwestjonarju dwar l-iskola sabiex jagħmel dan sa għada t-Tlieta 19 ta’ Mejju 2015. Tistgħu tagħmlu dan billi tidħlu f’dan is-sit: http://soorvey.com/?s=2442GNQYLIR


P Decelis

Kap tal-iskola

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Quote of the week

fun fact 24 quote of the week 24

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Quote of the week

fun fact 23 quote of the week 23

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Fun Walk

1st of May, 2015.  Worker’s Day was a special day for the Siggiewi Primary School children, their families and all the staff.  The EkoSkola committee has once again organised a FunWalk in aid of Id-Dar tal-Providenza. The committee has been working on it since March by starting publicising it amongst pupils, staff and the community in Siggiewi and by selling tickets.  Posters of the event were given out in different centres and shops.  The search for some sponsors to help to provide a goodie bag to those attending was also part of the job of the EkoSkola committee.
Since this year’s focus is being put on waste management,  the committee decided to link this walk with this issue too.  On the day of the FunWalk, children carried black and grey bags to raise awareness on waste management.  Two children had the role to collect plastic caps of water bottles for Istrina 2015.
A lot of people gathered near the school premises on the day.  After the distribution of goodie bags, the EkoSkola committee led the way to Id-Dar tal-Providenza.  It was a very hot day but everyone gave his or her best to arrive to the destination.  At Id-Dar tal-Providenza,  mass was celebrated.  Some of the residents at Id-Dar tal-Providenza joined too.  After communion,  the EkoSkola committee presented the sum of €1020 that was gathered throughout this event to Fr.Martin.  That was simply a great way for St. Ignatius College Siggiewi Primary to spend the first of May by raising environmental issues and helping the community.
This activity was featured on TVM news too. More details here.

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Għeżież Ġenituri

Nitlobkom timlew dan il-kwestjonarju sabiex tagħtu l-opinjoni tagħkom

dwar l-iskola.  Grazzi ħafna.

Tistgħu tagħmlu dan billi tidħlu f’dan is-sit:


Patrick Decelis – Kap tal-iskola

p.s. If someone prefers the English version, please contact the school secretary for a hard copy in English.

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