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Għadna kemm aġġornajna l-Kalendarju ta’ Ottubru. Biex tarawh tistgħu tidħlu fil-paġna tal-kalendarju.

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Acquarium Annual Show

During last scholastic year, Siggiewi Primary was embellished with a large acquarium.  This has been placed near the Head’s Office on the first floor.  Another smaller one is situated on the  second floor, whilst another one may be added during this scholastic year.

Children like fish, therefore they like the idea of having an acquarium. New fish will soon be added to the various small ones, which include two sharks.

Those interested are invited to visit the Annual FISH Show which is held at Mount Carmel Hospital between the 6th and 14th October (see poster).

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Please note that St Ignatius College school diaries will be available for sale for year 1 – 6 class children, on the first day of school from the class teachers.  The price is €3 as last year.

P Decelis

Head of School

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