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In a ceremony held on 31st May, the Healthy Lifestyle Award 2012 was awarded to Siġġiewi Primary. The school placed first in the Primary Schools section. The award was the result of many years of endeavours in the quest to improve the health of the entire community by teaching pupils and parents ways to establish a healthy lifestyle.

An environment conducive to the enjoyment of a healthy lifestyle is created through an ongoing whole school approach towards the implementation of the school policy. One of the action plans in the school’s SDP is specifically focused on a healthy lifestyle. A myriad of activities aim at inculcating healthy eating habits in pupils through talks and healthy food preparation for pupils from Kinder to Year 6. The Healthy Breakfast Activity for Year 3 and mid-day break Cooking Club for Year 4 are complemented by a fully-fledged kitchen garden in the school premises. Year 6 pupils helped keep this garden up to standard by means of another mid-day break club.

Healthy lunches are requested through the School Policy and white milk and water are provided and promoted. The new Veggie and Fruit Stall in the Kinder playroom helps to inculcate the need to eat such healthy food from an early age. Meetings for parents with the medical doctor, dental hygienist and other professionals help to get them on board. The school also provides healthy lifestyle cards which are taken home weekly by year 1 and year 2 pupils. HESC staff also provide practical intervention sessions for parents at school and articles regarding healthy lifestyle are published in the school newsletter.

This year the school participated in the President’s Fun Run to further promote exercise. Daily exercise is done as first thing through the Brain Gym. PE lessons follow throughout the day and various sports activities for each year group run parallel to the promotion of eating habits named above. Certain classes also hold short movement sessions between lessons as a means of exercise. Parents take part in Zumba sessions which are held weekly after school hours.

All these activities are co-ordinated by the school’s own action group for healthy lifestyle. The committee is made up of members of staff, parents and pupils. Ms Camilleri, Assitant Head of School who co-ordinates Healthy Lifestyle at Siggiewi Primary and Mr Decelis, Acting Head, received the first Prize Trophy presented by Ms Micheline Sciberras, Director General of Education (DES), in the presence of Mr George Borg, Director Student Services, and Ms Anna-Maria Gilson, Service Manager for Projects and Initiatives.

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